We provide sustainable social innovations designed to transform People and the Environment

We transform the lives of people by providing sustainable and inclusive solutions

Who is Zuhura

Zuhura Solutions is a social enterprise based in Kenya that draws its inspiration from the words “Zuhura” - a Swahili word for planet Venus - the brightest planet in the Solar System. The enterprise was founded by a group of friends with a common zeal to spur innovation and inspiration for socio-economic transformation by bringing ingenious solutions to support communities in the base of the pyramid. We believe that social impact begins from the bottom up and innovation should be community led. Our debut product is the ‘Halisi Trolley’ designed to increase positive impact on People, Planet and Profit.

There are many ways we add value to our business.

  • Partnership approach and people focus
  • Solid experiential approach
  • Professional, credible and engaging programmes
  • Reliability and willingness to go the extra mile
  • Focus on results
  • Our solutions contribute positively to the planet.


Our profits will be reinvested into achieving the following social goals
Access to renewable energy
Job creation & entrepreneurship
Environmental sustainability
Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs)

Our Core Values


We are committed to making sustainable development a core business principle, a way of doing business better and more competitively


We are innovative and cutting edge in finding new ways to get things done


We value the power of partnership and diversity to sustain our work developing new products and new markets


We are highly motivated and socially responsible, passionate about our work and the world within which we are active


We believe in learning and development through mentorship, respecting each other’s contribution, realizing and appreciating that togetherness is prime to accomplishment of tasks


Together, we are a community that offers one another comfort, support, and fun as we work

What makes us different?

Innovation mixed with a commitment to sustainability and expertise in product development is what gives us a competitive edge. We prioritize people and deliver need-based solutions.

Meet the Team

Benson Kibiti

Co-Founder & Strategic Partnerships

Nyangarisa Mose

Co-Founder & Operations Lead

Llyord Mwaniki Gitau

Co-Founder & Product Development


Co-Founder & Market Intelligence

Michael MUMO

Co-Founder & Technology Lead

Michael Benedict Yamoah

Advisor, Business Development

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Contact us

Call: +254 720 658 597
Working Hours : Monday-Friday (8am-5pm)

Email: info@zuhurasolutions.com
Web: www.zuhurasolutions.com

Adams Arcade, Opp Green House, Kirichwa Lane,
Office No. 28